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Soul singer, Ene tells everyone to make up their mind “To Be Happy” and make the best of moments to celebrate Life.

To say that Ene is multifaceted is an understatement. She is a songwriter, keyboardist, producer, and physician. Ene was born in Nigeria, West Africa. She spent her formative years in Nigeria and Scotland but now calls Atlanta Georgia, home.

Ene began singing and writing songs in her high school years at Air Force Girls Military School Jos, she was also one of the keyboard players and worship leaders in her home church in Zaria Nigerian. She continued on leading choirs and bands at Ahmadu Bello University which she attended studying medicine for a few years before relocating to the USA.

Upon moving to the USA, Ene continued to pursue her passion for music while pushing her medical school. She was appointed music director at her local church in Staten Island, New York.

After completing her medical training at Temple University, she began to make a name for herself in Philadelphia. She caught the eye of the former management team for Jill Scott to which she was signed to. Ene has had the opportunity to open for the likes of Jonelle Monae and Fantasia.

Ene describes her style as “World Soul”. As she says, “The meat of my musical influence is Soul from the likes of Anita Baker, Sade, Stevie Wonder, however there are delicate and other times heavy sprinklings of my African origin and gospel roots.”

When asked about her vision, she says that while there are motivational speakers, she would like to be a “motivational singer”. Ene Says, “It’s a genre that has not been officially coined yet, but many people have paved the way in that regard such as Stevie wonder, Yolanda Adams, Bob Marley, India Arie and Bono”.

Ene shares her passion; “I love what BONO does with the opportunity he has through music, and I aspire to use music as a tool to help the voiceless, without that, singing alone for singing sake is not worth it for me. There are desperate issues that I know that my music will pave the way for me to have an influence on.” Ene is merging her life as a practicing medical doctor and singer to heal both the body and soul.

Her recent album “Soul Therapy” is critically acclaimed and making waves. Every song takes you on a musical journey of love and inspiration. Ene penned every song on her album with the exception of her rendition of Bobby Brown’s hit “Every little step” which is instantly likeable as a ballad.

She also released her Gospel song “Stand on your Word”. Ene’s heart is to inspire through music to all people inside and outside of the church. She is excited that her music has presented her with platforms on both secular and Christian radio. She says “ I love all people and want to reach all people”.

Ene is on a blazing path to make an indelible mark in music. When you open the doors to the sounds of Ene, get ready for a long term musical relationship and melodic journey that you won’t regret.

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