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Fireboy returned to the music with his sophomore album titled “Apollo”. The album was named after “Apollo” the Greek god who is recognized as the Olympian god of light, truth, prophecy, poetry, healing, and music.
It is also interesting to note that Apollo was considered to be the head of the nine muses in Greek mythology. The nine muses are goddesses of the various arts such as music, dance, and poetry and are blessed not only with wonderful artistic talents themselves but also with great beauty, grace, and allure.

So what is the motive behind this intriguing name for the album? Fireboy intends to show the world that he has attained the status of a god. According to the singer, the debut album was a dream, he showed the real Damola and perfection and on this new album, he intends to show how much of a god he has become.

On his debut album, “Laughter, Tears, and Goosebumps”, he was a loverboy, a hopeless romantic guy but on “Apollo”, he shows a much more confident side that really never gets to see the light. The album displays his outlook on life, his journey as an artiste, and the drama in the Nigerian music space, and in this article, we would be giving a detailed breakdown of the lyrics of each song on the album.

Fireboy Apollo Album – “LISTEN

Track 1. “Champion” ft D Smoke

On the first track, he said it out loud and clear for everyone to know that he is the best artiste his generation has ever seen. He sang,

“I’m a king, I’m the best my generation ever seen…”

The Power Holding Company of Nigeria never misses when it comes to dishing out bills – they never miss. Just like ‘NEPA’, Fireboy never misses in releasing hits back to back. He kills everything he does. 

“I came suddenly, I be like NEPA bill, And ever since I never miss. I’ve been smashing. I’ve been killing everything, From Ikeja to Ojuelegba bridge, To the many place that I’ve never been”

He reminds everyone including his haters that he’s a King, a champion, and legend in the making In the chorus..

“Remember this, I’m a King, I’m a legend in the making, I’m a champion. Champion, champion, I’m a motherfucking champion”

Ending the track, he reminisces on how he was just like every other kid on the streets dreaming to become a star.

“i’m a average boy from the average street, With an empty pocket and a bag of dreams”

He also sings about his rise and falls before making it to the top.

“Many things wey hin eyes don see, Many tears wey hin eyes don bleed, Through the rise and falls, I made it to the top, E no get anything wey you wan talk”

Fireboy is sure of his craft and he believes he is a champion and no one can take that away from him. 

Track 2. “Spell” ft Wande Coal

Fireboy and Wande Coal sing about being hypnotized and enamored with a beautiful woman. Fireboy lights up the vibe with a catchy chorus.

“Mufasa Baba Simba, O mu seyin, A lo mu sodo, O jaga jaga, Pata pata, O balaga A lo balaga….

“I’m hypnotised, I see your eyes, You would do anything to have me in your life. You in control, You in my soul, I think I’m losing my mind…”

This further stresses that he is under a Spell.

Track 3. “Eli”

Fireboy delivers a sound that infuses elements of Chinese music culture (the Chuigushou), dancehall, and Jazz with a splash of Afrobeat. The track is about the mesmerizing power of a woman (Delilah) he is trying to resist. The name is taken from the biblical character “Delilah” who brought about the downfall of Samson.

The singer opens up the track singing about how she looks like an angelic and innocent belly dancer but is actually a venomous type that cast spell on everyone that comes her way

“Oh my gad, She be viper, She won’t back down, She a fighter, She a very very, Different gal, She a belly belly, Belly dancer… Just like that, Omo just like that, She dey my front, She don dey my back, She don dey move, She don dey whine back, I like her”

He begs to be released from her spell because he doesn’t want to end up like Samson.

“She got me like, Jah Eli Jah, She dey cause wahala for area, Someone come Save me, Save me from Delilah, Save me from Delilah”

Track 4. “Tattoo”

This is probably Fireboy’s most sexual song. He pleads to be like a tattoo on the body of his lover and the one to feed her with the magic stick anytime she needs one.

“Make i be like tattoo for your body, When you need that bamboo just call on me, Let me be beside you, Or maybe inside you, Make i put am for your body”

Track 5. “Favorite Song”

This sounds like a track Micheal Jackson would love to hop on because it’s got classic vibes. Fireboy wants to have a nice time with someone dear to him.

“We dey here to party, We’re here to have fun, Make you no worry, We dey all night long, Time doesn’t exist when you listening to your favourite song, Favourite song, No send anybody, Are you having fun, Put your hands up shawty…”

Track 6. “New York City Girl”

This track follows the sweet story of Fireboy falling in love with a girl who came from New York City for the summer. He pleads for a chance before she goes back even if she has a man. Knowing the affair is likely to end in premium tears and heartbreak, he tells her to run away with him. The storyline tends to make one think of his hit track “Jealous“

“Fine girl from New York City, I don’t mind if you give me chance, Can I have just one more dance, Before you leave for the summer time, Runaway with me, I don’t care if you got a man, Can I have just one more dance, Before you leave for the summer time”

Track 7. “Lifestyle”

Now this track is a direct jab at his haters (the silly broke ass Niggas). Fireboy says it’s been nothing but hate since he got his first hit song “Jealous“. He says he couldn’t care less what they think because he’s about running things his way.

“Ever since I got my first hit song, They’ve been jealous, Silly ass broke broke niggas, But since I got famous, I no dey mind, I couldn’t care less, Cos I no dey reason some kind things, The kind things wey no concern me,I just dey run my things (Yeah, yeah)…”

Fireboy has been criticized for not showing his face enough, spending more time on social media like his colleagues. In the chorus, he says he doesn’t fake his quiet life because it’s a lifestyle, it’s his way of living.

“And I no dey fake am, It’s a lifestyle, It’s a lifestyle, I no dey fake am, It’s my lifestyle (Yeah), Oh, it’s my lifestyle (Yeah)…”

Seems like some people really stepped on Fireboy’s toes. In another verse, he sings that he’s better than most of his haters.

“Make I yarn you, I’m better than most of them, Them dey expect me make I fold for them, I no dey pose for them, I no dey online for 2 weeks, them say I dey ghost on them, Na their own problem”

He thanked Olamide and ST which stands for Seyi Tinubu, the CEO/Chairman, Loatsad Promomedia for discovering him and making him the star that he is today. Obviously a superstar like Fireboy would have girls all over him but he apparently doesn’t have the time and energy.

“On G, I thank those who discover me, Olamide Baddo and ST, Many girls wey dey come find me, I no get time”

Track 8. “Airplane Mode”

Fireboy gets really personal and shows a vulnerable side. He sings about the stress from friends and family and how he has to live like an animal.

“So many things wey dey bother man stress from friends and family and Brotherman…

Man living like an animal, When a problem goes, Life comes with another one, But I’m a god, I’m a stronger man, I be different breed, my kind no be normal one…”

Fireboy understands his rise to being one of the finest acts would create conversation that he is trying to be number one. His aim isn’t just to be the greatest ever, he only wants to be one of the greatest to ever do it.

“I’m not trynna be the number one, So many legends dey, I’m just trynna be another one”

Due to the weight placed on his shoulders, Fireboy says he feels like he’s about to lose his mind. It’s a way of telling you that even if he has attained a god status, he is very much human like the rest of us.

“But Sometimes E dey be like say I wan manya oh, All the pressure and the wahala oh, E dey be like say I don tire, Sometimes, E dey be like say I wan manya oh, All the pressure and the wahala o”

Having to explain to people you want to be alone and do things on your own can be quite annoying. Fireboy says he just wants to be and doesn’t want to see any message from anybody (Go flight mode).

“I just wanna be alone, I don’t wanna see no message on my phone… Nothing dey do me, you should know I just feel like i should do this on my own, I just wanna be alone…”

In the second verse, he cries out about his woes ranging from money problems to woman drama and also the competition. He drops an important message – ‘Grace Is Important But The Talent Is A Plus’. He lets listeners into a reality that they can relate to – ‘The Reality Of Wanting To Give Up And Let Go’.

“If no be love, na money palava, If no be stress, na woman and drama, Competition people dey para, Too much beef when I no be mallam, Na God dey do am, no be my power, Grace na koko, the talent na jara, So i lock myself inside my yara go down on my knees, and i call on baba”

Track 9. “24( (Interlude)”

This is probably the track with the deepest lyrics and it is worthy to note that Fireboy is 24 years old. Its an intentional track to break the album an express himself. In the beginning, it sounds like he’s talking to himself

“Its 24 years and nothing don change, Same old house In the same old same place… I dey see am for your eyes, E dey your eyes, You don’t feel alive, There’s no more life, I wish I could feel your pain, But lai lai e no fit to be the same…”

and then again, it sounds like he’s not.

“Memories never dies, They never die, You don’t feel alive, (I don’t feel alive), You are such a fool, Why you go do this all for love. Nothing wey I fit do, The damage has been done, How many more years before you realize that People don change, The love no dey lie”

As the track fades gradually, he goes back to talking to himself, but this time, he softens up and encourages himself that everything is going to be fine.

“But you go dey okay, You go dey alright, If not today then tomorrow night, Whatever you do, Just know that I love you, And you go dey okay, You go dey alright”

Track 10. “Dreamer”

This track tells the relatable story of an unfaithful lover. Fireboy is devastated that his beloved fell in love with someone else. He finds it hard to believe that its been a one sided love affair all along. Once again, he puts on the lover boy cape but this time he sings about love gone sour.

“You left my messages unread, too busy loving someone else, You left so many words unsaid, have I been lying to myself… Am I only a dreamer…”

He calls her out for leading him on despite knowing she was never going to stay.

“If you had no plans to be here why did you have to lead me on, I’ll take what’s left and disappear if that’s what you really want… Oh oh, Boba ni oni femi Mi o ni mu e si, You left so many words unsaid have I been lying to myself…”

Track 11. “Afar” ft Olamide

Fireboy is exhausted with all the hate and negativity around him. He sings about being unproblematic and only wanting to think and grow unlike the smokers and drinkers.

“As you dey see am so, I just dey live life ooo, Make you no go think am o, I no dey find wahala, I just dey go jeje in my zone, I want to think and grow, They want to drink and smoke, My food never done, They want to come close and tiff my stove…“

He understands that he would definitely have enemies due to his career and tells reminds himself to0 be extremely careful and listen to his instincts. He says it is better for his enemies to love him from afar.

“The life I live comes with enemies, I hear my spirit and it’s telling me, I gotta be careful, To be careful, always, Make dem dey love me from afar… E pay me o, E pay me o, E pay me o, E pay me o, E pay me o, E pay me o, Make dem dey love me from afar”

Olamide’s in his part sings to all the narcissist, two faced individuals and sycophants not to come close.

“Yeah Babylonian, Pharisees and narcissists, Don’t come close that’s what the choppa says, I know your insecurities are always hard to play, You can’t be on your own, Riding everybody’s wave, Why you so two faced. Mehn it’s not too late, Imma put you straight, I don’t move this way, Won’t sugar coat for a bag full of blueface ,Geng geng for life“

Track 12. “Go Away”

Fireboy is catching feelings  for someone and doesn’t like it one bit. What he is feeling doesn’t make sense and wants it to go away.

“What can I do to make it go away?, I don’t like this feeling, And what should I do if you don’t feel the same?, I’m losing patience, And it doesn’t make sense, It needs to go away”

He questions how he was able to fall in love with her in the first place because she makes him feel good in the worst way.

“How did I fall in the first place, You too bad, you dey burst brain, I no fit lie at all, I can’t lie, You make me feel good in the worst way, I’m so sentimental I know, So many plenty girls that I know, But I still feel the same, I don’t like this feeling”

After acting like someone that could never fall in love, Fireboy says he’s fallen hard and is losing control over his mind, body and soul. Seems like this lady really got to him.

“Hard guy but I’m catching feelings, That’s why I’ve been hiding it since, What have I done? what could it be?, I don’t like the way you been fucking with me, I’m losing my control o, Can’t put these thoughts on hold, My mind my body my soul, I don’t like this feeling”

Track 13. “Shade”

A certain Shade seems to have captured his heart and this track is dedicated to her killer body and dance moves.

“Ooh Shadé, E dey your body, You’re killing me slowly, Whine it for daddy oh oh, Shadé, E dey your body, You’re killing me slowly, Whine it for daddy, Bo se n jo yi, ginger…”

Track 14. “Friday Feeling”

A song basically to get one in the mood for a Friday night of fun. Fireboy says there shouldn’t be a reason to start a party, always create the party mood yourself, dance to the rhythm of songs even if you don’t know the lyrics, Enjoy because you only have one life to live, Enjoy every moments.

“It’s a Friday feeling, We don’t need a reason, To start a freaking party ye ye ye, Gbe body to the rhythm, You don’t have to know the lyrics, Just listen to the music ye ye ye. Ayie o fe, Aye o si, Ayie o pe meji oh, Bere jo, There’s no time, All we have is now, This moment, forever…”

Track 15. “God Only Knows”

Fireboy seems to have wronged his lover and now he regrets pushing her away. He prays to God to bring her back his way

“For a while I’ve been thinking, Why did I ever push you away, My eyes to the ceiling praying to God to bring you my way, What the hell was I thinking, I don’t think I was thinking, It’s all messed up inside of my head, It’s all messed up inside of my head”

Fireboy understand that only God knows whether she still knows him or would ever see him again.

“God only knows, If I’ll ever see you again, God only knows, If you still know my name, God only knows, Heaven only knows, God only knows, If I’ll ever see you again….”

He pleads for one more chance and roses to be a better man despite letting her down several times. He confesses to be messed up in his head for hurting her.

“If you could just give me one more chance, I promise I’ll be a better man, Girl I know say I don fall your hand, Many times but you still understand, For my mind, for my mind, I been think say I get time, All messed up inside of my head, It’s all messed up inside of my head”….

Track 16. “Sound“

Fireboy sings about his love for music, how he is love with the sound. Shares that he can’t control himself whenever he hears the sound, he just to surrender himself, leaves whatever he is doing at the moment and go with the sound playing in his head. According to the lyrics of this track Sound is life for Fireboy, that is existence.

“Away away, The sound is taking me far away, Again again, I’m feeling something inside of me, Away away , The sound is taking me far away, I go crazy, I go crazy when I hear the sound, When I hear the sound, When I hear the sound…“

Track 17. “Remember Me”

On the last track, he sends out a message to his fans to remember him always. He tells them to say stories of his struggles, how he lived with kindness and love in his heart, how he travelled between space and time. He urges them not to leave any story behind.

“Of the mountains I have climbed, Travelled between space and time, Tell them my story my struggles and my glory, Don’t leave anything, behind (Remember me), Tell them of the songs I sang, That I was not a lonely man, Tell them that I lived my life with kindness in my eyes and love inside my heart, And I hope they will…”,

Remember me when i go, remember me when i can no longer talk, remember me when its all over, Fireboy tells his fans

“Remember me tin ba ti lo (Ba ti lo), Ti n ba l? soro mo, T’oba ti tan, Ti n ba ti lo, Remember me”

Also to round it up he also encouraged everyone to do/say things that they would be remembered for. Leave a legacy behind because there is an end to everything, One day we would all retire, exit and pass away.

“One day when it is your time, You will leave this world behind, All the things you said and did, Will be your legacy, Ooh ohh… “

Fireboy “Apollo” Album GET FULL LYRICS HERE 


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